Weekly Service
We offer a weekly pool cleaning service. This service includes the following:

-Walls brushed
-Floor vacuumed
-Skimmer baskets emptied
-Pool cleaner bag emptied
-Chemicals balanced

Chemical only service
We offer a weekly chemical only service. This service includes the following:

-Weekly balancing of chemicals

Filter Cleaning
We recommend that you clean your filters often. For cartridge filters, they should be cleaned every three months. For DE filters they should
be broken down
and cleaned every six months at the very least.

Acid Wash (we do not recommend except in extreme cases)
We do many different types of acid washes.
If your pool is stained and does not look as bright
as it used to, acid washing might be what you need. It will
remove most surface stains and make your plaster look like new again.
We also do acid washing to bring pools back to life that were neglected for an extended
period of time and have bad algae problems.

Algae Wash (We highly recommend it saves your plaster)
A safer process for pools
But a
Longer process using chlorine to brighten pools during refill

Winter Services

Don't let lack of maintenance during the winter months cause plaster stains,
extreme calcium build up and damage to pool equipment. Call us out and let us maintain
your pool.

Fill out our form with your questions/problems and return phone number
and  we will return your call promptly.
Our work is GUARANTEED and so is your satisfaction.

Cover your pool in the winter months and this is what you find in the spring > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Let us take care
of your pool so you can save the expense of having to drain, clean
(maybe even acid wash it destroying the plaster) to get it back in shape.  
(Family Owned and
Operated Since 2009)
Call, text or fill out our WORK REQUEST FORM  today to schedule a free
estimate so we can help you solve your Pool problems.

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Service Mobil 817-503-5577

Weekends and Nights please contact us at dfwphoenixpools@aol.com
(Family Owned and operated since 2009)